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Sea Trials Transit

Daily Science Report for 26 February 2009*

West of International Date Line

LOCATION: In transit to Honolulu, Hawaii

SCIENCE UPDATE: Readiness assessment and acceptance testing activities continued in parallel to analyses of cores and preparation of the cruise report. Total organic carbon (TOC) measurements from Cores U1330B-1H to 9H varied from ~0.06 to 3 wt%. The maximum TOC value was found on Core 1H at ~3.7 mbsf. The uppermost part of Core 1H was also noticeably more brown in color, likely owing to higher terrigenous content. Daily science activities were briefly interrupted by the weekly boat and fire drill.

East of International Date Line

LOCATION: Central Pacific Basin (in transit to Hawaii)

SCIENCE UPDATE: Readiness assessment and acceptance testing activities continue. The Readiness Assessment Team is evaluating the analytical and descriptive data gathered from Site U1330 and preparing presentations for the science meeting. Shipboard scientists are preparing the expedition preliminary report chapters which are due on 28 February. LDEO presented the logging data collected at Site U1330 to the Readiness Assessment Team.

* With the crossing of the International Date Line on our way to Honolulu, February 26 was lived twice.

See detailed transit map

Ship highlight of the day: Thin Section Lab


The Thin Section lab provides equipment for making thin sections of lithified and nonlithified materials.

Thin Section Lab panoramas (Quicktime VR). Click and drag to pan around. Use the Shift and Control keys to zoom in and out.

See for more details on the ship's new laboratories.

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