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Sea Trials Transit

Daily Science Report for 27 February 2009

LOCATION: In transit to Honolulu, Hawaii (passing Johnston Atoll)

SCIENCE UPDATE: Scientific results of Site U1330 core samples and downhole logging data were presented in a science meeting (including the first paleomagnetic data measured on the re-installed cryogenic magnetometer). In general, preliminary results confirm observations previously made on Site 807 samples. Members of the Readiness Assessment Team continued writing assessment reports and began submitting their contributions to the cruise report. Acceptance testing for the few not yet accepted systems and applications continued as well.

See detailed transit map

Ship highlight of the day: Underway Geophysics Lab


The Underway Geophysics Lab is located at the back of the ship. Its primary function of the Underway Geophysics lab is to acquire navigation and bathymetric data, and provide and maintain the sound sources used for check shots and vertical seismic profile experiments.

See for more details on the ship's new laboratories.

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