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Expedition 353 Photo Gallery · Week 2

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Charlie Winn (Second Assistant Engineer, Siem Offshore) during the weekly muster for life boat number 3. There are four lifeboats that can each carry 70 passengers. Behind Winn are (from left) Pallavi Anand (Physical Properties Specialist, The Open University, United Kingdom), Priyank Jaiswal (Downhole Tools/Physical Properties Specialist, Oklahoma State University, USA), Algie Morgan (Applications Developer, IODP JRSO), Jan Jurie Kotze (Marine Instrumentation Specialist, IODP JRSO), Romeo Bagnol (Able Seaman, Siem Offshore), Antonio Unida (Siem Offshore) and Craig Prosser (Driller, Siem Offshore). (Credit: Bill Crawford, IODP JRSO) [Photo ID: exp353_025]
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