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IODP Expedition Schedule for the JOIDES Resolution

For information on expeditions operated by CDEX (Chikyu; Japan) and ESO (mission-specific platforms; Europe), please see the IODP Science Office.

Expedition Name
(see map)
Exp # Ports
(start/end; travel info)
Dates1,2 Total days
(port /sea)
Days at sea3
(transit /ops)
JRSO Contact
(Staff Scientist)
Non-IODP/Transit 11 June to 27 July 2017 (46 days)
Tasman Frontier Subduction Initiation and Paleogene Climate 371 Townsville
to Hobart, Australia
27 July–
26 September 2017
61 (3/58) 7/51 R. Sutherland
G. Dickens
P. Blum
Australia Cretaceous Climate and Tectonics 369 Hobart
to Fremantle, Australia
26 September–
26 November 2017
61 (5/56) 7/49 B. Huber
R. Hobbs
K. Bogus
Creeping Gas Hydrate Slides and Hikurangi LWD5 372 Fremantle, Australia
to Wellington, New Zealand
26 November 2017–
4 January 2018
39 (5/34) 15/19 I. Pecher
P. Barnes
L. LeVay
Ross Sea West Antarctic Ice Sheet History 374 Wellington
to Wellington, New Zealand
4 January–
8 March 2018
63 (5/58) 16/42 R. McKay
L. De Santis
D. Kulhanek
Hikurangi Subduction Margin 375 Wellington
to Auckland, New Zealand
8 March–
5 May 2018
58 (5/53) 2/51 D. Saffer
L. Wallace
K. Petronotis
Brothers Arc Flux
376 Auckland
to Auckland, New Zealand
5 May–
5 July 2018
61 (5/56) 2/54 C. de Ronde
S. Humphris
T. Höfig
Non-IODP/Transit 5 July to 14 October 2018 (101 days)
South Pacific Paleogene Climate
Apply to sail by 15 September 2017
378 Wellington, New Zealand
to Papeete, Tahiti
14 October–
14 December 2018
61 (4/57) 11/46 D. Thomas
U. Röhl
L. Childress
JR100 (Transit) 14 December 2018 to 18 January 2019 (35 days) M. Malone
Amundsen Sea West Antarctic Ice Sheet History
Apply to sail by 15 October 2017
379 Punta Arenas
to Punta Arenas, Chile
18 January–
20 March 2019
61 (5/56) 12/44 K. Gohl
J. Wellner
A. Klaus
Iceberg Alley Paleoceanography & South Falkland Slope Drift6
Apply to sail by 15 October 2017
382 TBD 20 March–
May 2019
TBD TBD M. Weber
T. Williams
Dynamics of Pacific Antarctic Circumpolar Current 383 TBD May–
July 2019
TBD TBD TBD C. Alvarez Zarikian
Panama Basin Crustal Architecture (504B) & Engineering Testing7 384 TBD July–
September 2019
Guaymas Basin Tectonics and Biosphere 385 TBD September–
November 2019
Non-IODP/Transit November 2019 to January 2020
Gulf of Mexico Methane Hydrate4 386 TBD January–
March 2020
South Atlantic expedition TBD 387 TBD March–
May 2020

1 Dates for expeditions may be adjusted pending non-IODP activities.
2 The start date reflects the initial port call day. The vessel will sail when ready.
3 Transit total is the estimated transit to and from port call and does not include transit between sites.
4 Complementary Project Proposal (CPP) contingent on substantial financial contribution outside of normal IODP funding.
5 Combined expedition with 841 APL and LWD from Proposal 781A (Expedition 375).
6 Combined expedition with 846 APL.
7 Combined expedition with 769 APL and engineering testing.

IODP expeditions map

PDF Download International Ocean Discovery Program expedition map in PDF format

IODP expeditions map

PDF Download combined International Ocean Discovery Program and Integrated Ocean Drilling Program map in PDF format

Who is Eligible to Sail?

Participation in IODP expeditions is open to all scientists from IODP’s member countries.
Applications must be submitted via each country’s or consortium’s program office.