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IODP Expedition Schedule for the JOIDES Resolution

For information on expeditions operated by CDEX (Japan) and ESO (Europe), please see the IODP Science Office.

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Expedition Name
(see map)
Exp # Ports
(travel info)
Dates1,2 Total days
(port /sea)
Days at sea3
(transit /ops)
USIO contacts
Bengal Fan 354 Singapore
to Colombo, Sri Lanka
29 January–
31 March 2015
61 (5/56) 6/50 C. France-Lanord
V. Spiess
A. Klaus
Arabian Sea Monsoon (CPP4) 355 Colombo, Sri Lanka
to Mumbai, India
31 March–
31 May 2015
61 (5/56) 5/51 D. Pandey
P. Clift
D. Kulhanek
Non-IODP 31 May to 31 July 2015 M. Malone
Indonesian Throughflow 356 Fremantle to
Darwin, Australia
31 July–
30 September 2015
61 (5/56) 4/52 S. Gallagher
C. Fulthorpe
K. Bogus
The following expeditions are subject to availability of funds.
Maldives Monsoon and Sea Level 359 Darwin, Australia
to Colombo, Sri Lanka
30 September–
30 November 2015
61 (5/56) 17/39 C. Betzler
G. Eberli
C. Alvarez Zarikian
SW Indian Ridge Lower Crust and Moho 360 Colombo, Sri Lanka
to Port Louis, Mauritius
30 November 2015–
30 January 2016
61 (5/56) 14/42 H. Dick
C. MacLeod
P. Blum
Southern African Climates5 361 Port Louis, Mauritius to
Capetown, South Africa
30 January–
31 March 2016
61 (5/56) 6/50 I. Hall
S. Hemming
L. LeVay
Non-IODP 31 March to 31 July 2016 M. Malone
Sumatra Seismogenic Zone 362 Colombo, Sri Lanka
to Singapore
31 July–
30 September 2016
61 (5/56) 7/49 L. McNeill
B. Dugan
K. Petronotis
Western Pacific Warm Pool 363 Singapore
to Guam
30 September–
30 November 2016
61 (5/56) 8/48 Y. Rosenthal
A. Holbourn
D. Kulhanek

1 Dates for expeditions may be adjusted pending non-IODP activities.
2 The start date reflects the initial port call day. The vessel will sail when ready.
3 Transit total is the estimated transit to and from port call and does not include transit between sites.
4 Complementary Project Proposal (CPP) contingent on substantial financial contribution outside of normal IODP funding.
5 Also includes Proposal 845-APL, Agulhas Current LGM Density.

IODP expeditions map

Download International Ocean Discovery Program expedition map in PDF format

IODP expeditions map

Download International Ocean Discovery Program and Integrated Ocean Drilling Program map in PDF format

Who is Eligible to Sail?

Participation in IODP expeditions is open to all scientists from IODP's member countries.
Applications must be submitted via each country's or consortium's program office.