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Expedition 353 Photo Gallery · Week 4

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The choir shown during the middle of their performance in the conference room. Shown are (from left) Priyank Jaiswal (Downhole Tools/Physical Properties Specialist, Oklahoma State University, USA), Pallavi Anand (Physical Properties Specialist, The Open University, United Kingdom), Karen Gariboldi (Paleontologist, Università di Pisa, Italy), Kate Littler (Sedimentologist, University of Exeter, United Kingdom), Milos Bartol (Paleontologist, Uppsala University, Sweden), Samuel Taylor (Paleomagnetist, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, France), Colin Carney (Petrophysics Laboratory, IODP JRSO), Efren Adona (Assistant Chef, Entier Catering), Jacinto Tabat (Welder, Siem Offshore) and Jun Pronto (Radio Operator, Siem Offshore). (Credit: Kate Littler & IODP) [Photo ID: exp353_078]
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