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Expedition 356 Photo Gallery · Week 2

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Helen McGregor (Sedimentologist, University of Wollongong, Australia) discusses data entry procedures during a noon crossover meeting with other sedimentologists. Pictured left to right are Chelsea Korpanty (Sedimentologist, University of Queensland, Australia), Eun Young Lee (Sedimentologist, University of Vienna, Austria), Donald Potts (Sedimentologist, University of California, Santa Cruz, USA), Hokuto Iwatani (Sedimentologist, University of Hong Kong, P.R. China), Lars Reuning (Sedimentologist, RWTH Aachen University, Germany), Cecilia McHugh (Sedimentologist, Queens College [C.U.N.Y.], USA), Alireza Rastegar (Sedimentologist, Curtin University, Australia), and Jean Wulfson (Publications Specialist, IODP JRSO). (Credit: Bill Crawford, IODP JRSO) [Photo ID: exp356_041]
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