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Expedition 356 Photo Gallery · Week 2

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This week was filled with photo-rich opportunities. Shown is a sampling of photos of whales taken by scientists and technical staff aboard the JR. 1. Close-up of whale tail. (Credit: Willem Renema & IODP); 2. Nose poke. (Credit: Bill Crawford, IODP JRSO); 3. Whale breech. (Credit: Jorijntje Henderiks & IODP); 4. Close-up of whale nose. (Credit: Willem Renema & IODP); 5. Whale tail (center). (Credit: Jorijntje Henderiks & IODP); 6. Rainbow in whale spray. (Credit: Bill Crawford, IODP JRSO); 7. Whale swimming away. (Credit: Yuxin He & IODP). [Photo ID: exp356_068]
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