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Expedition 356 Photo Gallery · Week 6

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The winning team of the Feats of Strength Games: The Hannanigans. The Hannanigans won the Dr. Cup-Hands Race, the Cookie Face Race, and the Cotton Ball Race. Team Captain, Hannah Kastor (Curator, IODP JRSO), in front. From left: Jeroen Groeneveld (Paleontologist, University of Bremen, Germany), Eun Young Lee (Sedimentologist, University of Vienna, Austria), Beth Christensen (Stratigraphic Correlator, Adelphi University, USA), Cecilia McHugh (Sedimentologist, Queens College, USA), Takeshige Ishiwa (Physical Properties Specialist, University of Tokyo, Japan), Jorijntje Henderiks (Paleontologist, Uppsala University, Sweden), and Alireza Rastegar (Sedimentologist, Curtin University, Australia). (Credit: Bill Crawford, IODP JRSO) [Photo ID: exp356_178]
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