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Expedition 361 Photo Gallery · Week 1

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Steven Bradley (Captain, Siem Offshore; left) conducts the bridge tour. From left: Francisco Jimenez Espejo (Physical Properties Specialist, JAMSTEC, Japan), Margit Simon (Paleontologist, Uni Research Climate and Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, Norway), Luna Brentegani (Paleontologist, University of Technology Queensland, Australia), Julien Crespin (Sedimentologist, University of Bordeaux, France), Hucai Zhang (Sedimentologist, Yunnan Normal University, China), Nambiyathodi Lathika (Physical Properties Specialist, National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research [NCAOR], India), and Kevin Grigar (Operations Superintendent, IODP JRSO). (Credit: Tim Fulton, IODP JRSO) [Photo ID: exp361_018]
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