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Expedition 362 Photo Gallery · Week 8

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USA participants. Front row: Naomi Barshi (Education/Outreach Officer, Santa Cruz CA), Tamara Jeppson (Physical Properties Specialist, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA), and Peter Vrolijk (Structural Geologist, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, USA). Back row: Brian House (Organic Geochemist, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California San Diego, USA), Xixi Zhao (Paleomagnetist, University of California Santa Cruz, USA), Katerina Petronotis (Expedition Project Manager/Staff Scientist, IODP JRSO), Brandon Dugan (Co-Chief Scientist, Colorado School of Mines, USA), Abby Kenigsberg (Structural Geologist, Pennsylvania State University, USA), Kitty Milliken (Sedimentologist, Jackson School of Geosciences, University of Texas at Austin, USA), and Marta Torres (Inorganic Geochemist, COAS/Oregon State University, USA). (Credit: Tim Fulton, IODP JRSO) [Photo ID: exp362_175]
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