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Sea Trials Transit

Daily Science Report for 16 February 2009

LOCATION: On Site U1330 (Ontong Java Plateau)

SSCIENCE UPDATE: Core 320T-U1330A-2R was processed by the Readiness Assessment Committee members (including whole round core logging, core splitting, section half imaging/logging and visual core description using the DESClogik data capture application). Major lithology was defined as white nannofossil ooze with foraminifers. Minor lithology is foraminiferal nannofossil ooze. Based on the well-preserved and diverse planktonic foraminifer assemblage an early Pliocene age was determined. The core is characterized by color bands, alteration halos, disseminated pyrite, and pyrite-filled burrows, and moderate bioturbation; these range in color from pale yellow to grayish purple to black.

The drill string accelerometer (DSA) was deployed during drilling to measure acceleration and pressure in hole. Preparations for downhole logging and testing of the new wireline heave compensator are in full swing.

See detailed transit map

Ship highlight of the day: Pycnometer Moisture & Density


Moisture and density (MAD) data provide an estimate of porosity and density and can be used to calibrate the high-resolution GRA data obtained by the MST.

See for more details on the ship's new laboratories.

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