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Expedition 354 Photo Gallery · Week 7

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Front row: Yanina Najman (Sedimentologist, Lancaster University, United Kingdom), Kimberly Rogers (Sedimentologist, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA). Middle row: Alan Baxter (Paleontologist, University of New England, Australia), Rishi Adhikari (Organic Geochemist, University of Bremen, Germany), M.C. Manoj (Sedimentologist, Birbal Sahni of Palaeobotany, India), Pascale Huyghe (Sedimentologist, University Joseph Fourier, France), Swostik Adhikari (Sedimentologist, Shimane University, Japan), Babu Gyawali (Paleontologist, Tohoku University, Japan), Christian France-Lanord (Co-chief Scientist, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France), Supriyo Das (Organic Geochemist, Presidency University, India). Back row: Volkhard Spiess (Co-chief Scientist, University of Bremen, Germany), and Michael Weber (Physical Properties Specialist, Geologisches Institut Universität, Germany). (Credit: Tim Fulton, IODP JRSO) [Photo ID: exp354_142]
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