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Notice See the COVID Mitigation Protocols Established for Safe JR Operations (COPE). For information about the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) and COVID-19, please see the Texas A&M University Coronavirus Update site.

IODP Expedition Schedule for the JOIDES Resolution

For information on expeditions operated by MarE3 (Chikyu; Japan) and ESO (mission-specific platforms; Europe), please see the IODP Science Office.

Tyrrhenian Continent-Ocean Transition Transit/Tie up5 Eastern Fram Strait Paleo-archive Arctic-Atlantic Gateway Paleoclimate
JOIDES Resolution Expedition Schedule
Expedition Name
(see map)
Exp # Ports2
(start/end; travel info)
Dates1, 4 Total days
(port /sea)
Days at sea3
(transit /ops)
JRSO Contact
(Staff Scientist)
South Atlantic Transect 2 393 Cape Town
to Cape Town, South Africa
7 June–
7 August 2022
61 (5/56) 17/39 D. Teagle
J. Reece
T. Williams
Non-IODP (Tie-up) 7 August to 10 September 2022 (Cape Town; 34 days)
Transit and Return to Walvis Ridge Hotspot 397T Cape Town, South Africa
to Lisbon, Portugal
10 September–
11 October 2022
31 (2/29) 22/7 W. Sager
K. Hoernle
P. Blum
Iberian Margin Paleoclimate 397 Lisbon, Portugal
to Tarragona, Spain
11 October–
11 December 2022
61 (5/56) 4/52 D. Hodell
F. Abrantes
C. Alvarez Zarikian
Hellenic Arc Volcanic Field 398 Tarragona, Spain
to Heraklion, Greece
11 December 2022–
10 February 2023
61 (5/56) 6/50 T. Druitt
S. Kutterolf
L. LeVay
Non-IODP5 (Transit/Maintenance) 10 February to 12 April 2023 (Heraklion to Ponta Delgada; 61 days)
Building Blocks of Life, Atlantis Massif 399 Ponta Delgada
to Ponta Delgada, Portugal
12 April–
12 June 2023
61 (5/56) 8/48 A. McCaig
S. Lang
P. Blum
Reykjanes Mantle Convection and Climate 395 Ponta Delgada, Portugal
to St. John’s, Canada
12 June–
12 August 2023
61 (5/56) 11/45 R. Parnell-Turner
A. Briais
L. LeVay
NW Greenland Glaciated Margin 400 St. John’s
to St. John’s, Canada
12 August–
12 October 2023
61 (5/56) 13/43 P. Knutz
A. Jennings
L. Childress
Non-IODP5 (Transit/Dry Dock) 12 October to December 2023
Mediterranean–Atlantic Gateway Exchange 401 TBD December 2023–
February 2024
Tyrrhenian Continent-Ocean Transition 402 TBD February–
April 2024
Non-IODP5 (Transit/Tie-up) April to June 2024
Eastern Fram Strait Paleo-archive 403 TBD June–
August 2024
Arctic–Atlantic Gateway Paleoclimate 404 TBD August–
September 2024
Amazon Margin 387 Postponed P. Baker
C. Guizan Silva
E. Estes
Equatorial Atlantic Gateway 388 Postponed G. Fauth
T. Dunkley Jones
L. LeVay
Rio Grande Cone Methane and Carbon Cycling 394 Postponed TBD TBD

1 The start date reflects the initial port call day. The vessel sails when ready.
2 Ports subject to change, pending issues related to the COVID-19 virus.
3 Preliminary total estimated transit (i.e., to and from operational area and between sites).
4 Scientist, JRSO, and Siem Offshore rotations are on Day 3 while COPE is being implemented, where practicable, except for Exp 397T.
5 Tie up location TBD.

International Ocean Discovery Program Expedition Map

PDF Download International Ocean Discovery Program expedition map in PDF format

IODP expeditions map

Combined International Ocean Discovery Program and Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Map

PDF Download combined International Ocean Discovery Program and Integrated Ocean Drilling Program map in PDF format

IODP expeditions map

Who is Eligible to Sail?

Participation in IODP expeditions is open to all scientists from IODP’s member countries.
Applications must be submitted via each country’s or consortium’s program office.