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Expedition 355 Photo Gallery · Week 6

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Meet the geochemists and microbiologist of Expedition 355! The geochemists look at both the organic and inorganic composition of the cores, collecting information about the water trapped within the sediment (interstitial water), the carbonate content, inorganic and organic carbon content, and nitrogen content. The microbiologists examine the microbial life living in the sediment and rock below the seafloor. Back row from left: Manish Tiwari (Inorganic Geochemist, National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, India), Gundiga Gurumurthy (Inorganic Geochemist, Manipal University, India), and A. Ganesh Kumar (Microbiologist, National Institute of Ocean Technology, India). From row from left: James Bendle (Organic Geochemist, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom), Zhaojie Yu (Inorganic Geochemist, University of Paris XI [Orsay], France), Sophia Bratenkov (Organic Geochemist, Macquarie University, Australia), and Hannah Liddy (Organic Geochemist, University of Southern California, USA). (Credit: Bill Crawford, IODP JRSO) [Photo ID: exp355_130]
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