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Expedition 367 Photo Gallery · Week 6

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Members of the Petrophysics team— Isabel Sauermilch (Petrophysics [Physical Properties] Specialist, University of Tasmania, Australia), Rajeev Yadav (Petrophysics [Physical Properties] Specialist, National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research [NCAOR], India), Jinchang Zhang (Petrophysics [Physical Properties] Specialist, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China), and Anne Briais (Petrophysics [Physical Properties] Specialist, CNRS, France)—compare data to piece together the puzzle of data collected on cores in the laboratory and down in the hole. Only by relating the cores and downhole data to the seismic images across the site can the scientists unravel how the margin of China broke apart and created the South China Sea. (Credit: William Crawford, IODP JRSO) [Photo ID: exp367_152]
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