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Technical Notes

IODP Technical Notes

IODP Technical Note 1. IODP Digital Reference for Smear Slide Analysis of Marine Mud. Part 1: Methodology and Atlas of Siliciclastic and Volcanogenic Components (2013)

Interactive PDF editions: Atlas (PDF; 50.2 MB) | Tutorial (PDF; 7.1 MB)
Printable PDF editions: Atlas (PDF; 53.7 MB) | Tutorial (PDF; 8.2 MB)

IODP Technical Note 2. (PDF; 105.9 MB) IODP Smear Slide Digital Reference for Sediment Analysis of Marine Mud. Part 2: Methodology and Atlas of Biogenic Components (2015)​10.2204/​

IODP Technical Note 3. (PDF; 363.6 MB) ODP Core Photo Atlas (2015)​10.2204/​

ODP Technical Notes

Lab procedures and drilling tool specifications.