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Meeting Schedule

Contact: Stacey Vogelpohl at (979) 458-1867 or for meeting arrangements.

PDF Request for Meeting Arrangements form

Meeting Date Location Host
Expedition 399 Sampling Party April 27–May 3, 2024 IODP JRSO, TAMU Peter Blum
Expedition 401 Editorial (1st) Postcruise Meeting May 13–17, 2024 IODP JRSO, TAMU Trevor Williams
Expedition 391 Science (2nd) Postcruise Meeting May 20–22, 2024 Santa Cruz de La Palma, Spain Tobias Hoefig
Expedition 390/393 Science (2nd) Postcruise Meeting May 27–29, 2024 Reykjavík, Iceland Trevor Williams
Emily Estes
Expedition 400 Editorial (1st) Postcruise Meeting June 3–7, 2024 IODP JRSO, TAMU Laurel Childress
Expedition 396 Science (2nd) Postcruise Meeting June 16–22, 2024 Akureyri, Iceland Carlos Alvarez Zarikian
Expedition 401 Sampling Party July 1–7, 2024 IODP/BCR Trevor Williams
Expedition 402 Editorial Postcruise Meeting August 5–9, 2024 IODP JRSO, TAMU Emily Estes
Expedition 389 Editorial Postcruise Meeting August 26–30, 2024 IODP JRSO, TAMU Lorri Peters
Expedition 403 Editorial Postcruise Meeting November 18–22, 2024 IODP JRSO, TAMU Thomas Ronge

Meeting Information and Resources

See Visitor Information for details regarding travel to Bryan/College Station, Texas.

Network and printer access

Proper credentials are needed to access the network (see I.T. staff).