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Paula Clark

November 1964 – October 2006

Paula Clark, Marine Computer Specialist for the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program at Texas A&M University, was killed in a hiking accident in the Azores. Paula sailed as Marine Computer Specialist on the transit before IODP Expedition 301 (Japan to Astoria), Expeditions 303, 306, 309, and 311, and the transit after Expedition 312 (Panama to Galveston) in 2003–2006. In addition to her IODP tenure, Paula worked as Database Librarian (1999–2001) and Research Assistant (1998–1999) for the Ocean Drilling Program, and sailed as an IT representative on Leg 186 in 1999. Paula was admired by many for her astuteness and willingness to assist co-workers whenever possible. She loved her work and the travel associated with her job. She will be remembered for her sense of adventure and her ability to make the most of her travels. Paula held a Masters degree in Geophysics from Texas A&M University and a Masters degree in Information Technology Management from University of Phoenix Online.

Clark photo