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Dr. Carlos A. Alvarez Zarikian

staff photo
Associated Research Scientist / Staff Scientist
International Ocean Discovery Program
Texas A&M University
1000 Discovery Drive
College Station, Texas 77845-9547
Phone: (979) 845-2522

IODP Expeditions & Activities

Previous Sailing

  • PANASH Expedition/Vancouver Campaign; R/V Melville; Gulf of Papua, Cairns-Port Moresby-Cairns transect (2004)
  • P.I.C.A.S.S.O. Campaign 132; R/V Marion Dufresne; Caribbean-Gulf of Mexico Transect (2003)
  • RSMAS; R/V Walton Smith (2002)


  • General research interests: Late Cenozoic paleoceanography, applied marine micropaleontology, ecology and paleoecology of ostracoda and foraminifera, biostratigraphy, abrupt climate change, environmental geology; geoarchaeology.
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Publications (Web view | RIS)

Professional Affiliations