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Downhole Logging Tools

Standard Wireline Logging Tool Strings

Triple Combo


Borehole Seismics

Downhole Memory Tools

Other Downhole Equipment

Tools Available Upon Request

The following tools may be made available but need to be requested well in advance of an expedition due to budgetary and/or staff requirements.

Logging While Drilling (LWD)/Measurement While Drilling (MWD)

LWD tools are used when hole conditions are anticipated to be unsuitable for conventional wireline logging. MWD tools are used when real time acquisition of downhole data is required (e.g., to monitor borehole fluid pressure for safety). See the Schlumberger web site for current available tools.

LWD/MWD tools are not part of the standard tool suite, require substantial additional costs, and need to be identified well in advance of the expedition (i.e., during the proposal phase). Availability on an expedition may require PIs obtaining external funding.