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Port Calls and Shipping

Travel Information

Contact: Kathy Bass at (979) 845-3205 or

Information for All Participants

Expedition 361

Southern African Climates
(Agulhas Current Density Profile APL)

Portcall: 30 January 2016, Port Louis, Mauritius

Booking Instructions for Science Party Only


The deadline for obtaining the IODP group rate for Port Louis, Mauritius, is Monday 28 December 2015.

Reservations must be booked individually by emailing the hotel directly (not available through websites). Please complete the reservation request form and email the form to and and CC:

Cape Town

To be determined

For IODP employees only

Travel authorization forms & policies

Staff Authorization Forms for IODP Expeditions

Expedition 362T

PDF Boarding in Cape Town, South Africa, disembarking in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Public Relations Events

Contact: Katerina Petronotis at (979) 862-1410 or


Contact: Sandy Dillard at (979) 845-5780 or

Expedition 361P

Cape Town and Tie-Up

SURFACE freight cutoff dates
  • Surface freight shipping deadlines have passed.
AIR freight cutoff dates
  • Air freight shipping deadlines are to be determined.