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Dr. Trevor Williams

staff photo
Expedition Project Manager/Staff Scientist
International Ocean Discovery Program
Texas A&M University
1000 Discovery Drive
College Station, Texas 77845-9547
Phone: (979) 458-3230

IODP Expeditions & Activities

Previous Sailing

ODP Activities

  • Leg 198: Shatsky Rise, West Pacific: Warm climates of the Cretaceous and Paleogene (2001)
  • Leg 188: Prydz Bay: Antarctic ice sheet history (2000)
  • Leg 178: Antarctic Peninsula: Antarctic ice sheet history (1998)
  • Leg 172: Northwest Atlantic Sediment Drifts: Paleoceanography and paleomagnetism (1997)
  • Leg 166: Bahamas Transect: Miocene-Pleistocene environmental change and sea level (1996)


  • Antarctic climate and ice history: provenance of iceberg-rafted debris and glacially eroded sediment; ice sheet instability under past warm climates; sea level change; Antarctic subglacial geology.
  • Ocean drilling: the use of downhole geophysical logs and physical properties of marine sediment cores for insight into paleoceanography, stratigraphy, and cyclicity; linking borehole data to seismic profiles; downhole magnetic logging for magnetostratigraphy.
  • Warm climates of the Cretaceous and Eocene: ocean anoxic events; chert formation; long-term climate change.
  • Curriculum Vitae
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