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Description Inventory Method Note

Acetone Histological Safe-Tin Fisher #A11S-4 (4 L) CH0030 Curatorial
Acetone, Optima grade, #A929-1, 1 L bottle (X-ray Lab) CH0010 Solvent
Acetylene - "B" Size; S/N P-327102 (Chem Lab) multiple Sample preservation
Acid Neutralizer, Low Sodium, 946 mL/bottle; JT Baker 4555-02 CH0002 General
Acid: Formic Purified, 90%, 500 ml. bottle #A119P-500 LS0248 Iodide, bromide By request only, do not stock
Acid: Glacial, Acetic, 99.7% 6/case #A-38S-500 CH0161 Boron, General
Acid: Hydrochloric 0.1 N for alkalinity, Fisher SA54-1 CH5009 ALK
Acid: Hydrochloric, Reagent ACS, #A-144SI-212 2.5 L CH0091 General
Acid: Hydrochloric,Tracemetal Grade #A-508-500 mL CH0039 General
Acid: Hydrofluoric, Tracemetal Grade* CH0044 Palynology By request only, do not stock
Acid: Methane Sulfonic 100 ML bottle P/N 64280 CH0016 IC By request only, do not stock
Acid: Nitric Trace metal grade #A-509-500 mL CH0040 ICP
Acid: Nitric, Reagent, 500 ml Bottle #A-200S-500 CH0094 General
Acid: Phosphoric Acid, Oct.85%; 500 ml/bottle #a242/500 CH0119 DA- Nitrate, Nitrite
Acid: Sulfuric, Reagent ACS, 2.5 l. bottle #A-300 SI CH0130 DA- Phosphate, Bromide, Boron, Silica
Acridine Orange (Electro Phoresis) CH0405 Microbiology
Agar Granulated CH0406 Microbiology
Agar Noble CH0407 Microbiology
Alumina Adsorption, 500g, #A-540-500 CH0080 General
Aluminum Chloride - ACS, 500gm/bt #213330-500G CH0035 DA-Nitrate
Ammonium Acetate 50g, #43,131-1 CH0005 Boron
Ammonium Chloride, 100g, #A4514 (Aldrich) CH0076 DA-Ammonia, Magnesium
Ammonium Hydroxide - 500 ml/bottle #A-669-500 CH0012 DA-Nitrate, Magnesium
Ammonium Iron(III) Sulfate, hexahydrate, ACS - 100g, 21540-6 CH0389 Microbiology
Ammonium Molybdate tetrahydrate, ACS, 100g, #A7302-100G CH0167 DA-Phosphate, Bromide, silica
Ascorbic Acid, L- 25g, #A61-25 CH0202 DA-Phosphate
Baking Soda LS0120 General
Barium Sulfate - 100g, #24335-3 CH0417 H2S
Bleach, Clorox HW0003 Ammonium, bromide
Boric Acid, ACS reagent, 100g, #B0394-100G CH0006 Boron
Bromine Water, 500ml, #SB84-500 CH5016 Iodide By request only, do not stock
Buffer solution, pH 10, 500mL, #SB116-500 CH0182 pH/Alk
Buffer solution, pH 4.00. 500ml, # SB 98-500 CH0093 pH/Alk
Buffer solution, pH 7.00, 500mL, #SB108-500 CH0398 pH/Alk
Butanol, 1-, 1L , # A383SK-1 CH0137 Solvent
Cadmium Nitrate CH0425 Sample preservation
Calcium Carbonate, Anhyd., Powder; 500g, #C-64/500 CH0142 Coulometer, General
Calcium Chloride, dihydrate, 500 gm/bottle #C-79 CH0132 General
Calcium sulfate anhydrous (drierite, 10-20 mesh) CH0003 Desiccators See drierite
Calcium sulfate anhydrous (drierite, 8 mesh) CH0162 Desiccators See drierite
Calgon -see Mule Team Borax LS0039 Paleontology
Carbon Disulfide, CHROMASOLV, >=99.9%, 100ml, #270660-100ML CH0429 GC std for H2S By request only, do not stock
Cleaner, Micro -90 #9032 Int'l Products Corp., gal/bottle HW0099 cleaning
Coulometer, Anode solution, Light Sensitive; #300-002 CM0141 Carbonate
Coulometer, Cathode Solution, Light Sensitive; #300-001 CM0140 Carbonate
Curcumin - 10g, Aldrich #23838-4 CH0401 Boron
Drierite, Anydrous CaSO4 Dessicant: 10-20 mesh, small bottle CH0003 Desiccators
Drierite, Indicat, 8 mesh, Anhydrous, BOttle 5 lbs. 07-578-3B CH0162 Desiccators
EDTA (Ethylene diamine tetracetic acid); Disodium Salt,500 gm CH0056 DA-Nitrate, Magnesium
EGTA (Ethylene bis Oxyethylene Dinitrilo tetracetic Acid) CH0047 Calcium
Eluent concentrate, AS3/AS4, 500 ML bottle CH0015 IC By request only, do not stock
Eriochrome Black T - 25 g; Fisher E-512-25 CH0050 Magnesium
Ethyl Alcohol, Absolute 200 Proof (in locked box), 2L, AC61509-0020 (absolute-in locked box) (Chem Lab) CH0150 DA-Ammonia, Magnesium, Calcium
Ethylene Glycol - 500 ml/bottle #E-178-500 CH0001 Xray
Formaldehyde, 37% 500 ml bottle. #F79-500 CH0019 Paleontology
Formaldehyde, Para - 500g, #O4042-500 (Reagent) CH0410 Microbiology
Gas cylinder: Argon multiple ICP
Gas cylinder: Helium General
Gas cylinder: Nitrogen General
Gas cylinder: Oxygen multiple CHNS
Gas cylinder: P5 (5% CO2, 5% Hydrogen, 90% Nitrogen) multiple Microbiology
Gas, Standard: "A"; 97 ppm Argon, 19.9 ppm Methane, 0.16% N2 CM5079 GC
Gas, Standard: "B"; 20% Argon, 1040 ppm Methane, 70% N2 CM5080 GC
Gas, Standard: "C"; 10% Argon, 1010 ppm Methane, 50% N2 CM5081 GC
Gas, Standard: "D"; 1000 ppm Argon, 20% Methane, 10% N2 CM5082 GC
Gas, Standard: 100ppm H2S in N2 GB0223 GC
Gas, Standard: 10ppm H2S in N2 GB0220 GC
Gas, Standard: 20ppm H2S in N2 GB0221 GC
Gas, Standard: 40ppm H2S in N2 GB0222 GC
Gas, Standard: Scott 4-221, C2-C6 Olefins, 100 ppm in Helium CM5071 GC
Gas, Standard: Scott 4-7, Cyclo Mixture - MIX #7 CM0456 GC
Gas, Standard: Scott II, 10% Methane, balance He CM5075 GC
Gas, Standard: Scott II, 30% Methane, balance CO2 CM5074 GC
Gas, Standard: Scott II, 50% Methane, balance CO2 CM5073 GC
Gas, Standard: Scott II, 70% Methane, balance CO2 CM5072 GC
Glutaraldehyde, 50% in H2O, 25ml, #340855-25ML (Aldrich) CH0428 Microbiology By request only, do not stock
Glycerol, 500mL, #G33-500 CH0141 Xray
Glyoxal-Bis (2-Hydroxyanil) powder - GHA; 5 gm #G-147 CH0178 Calcium
Hexane, n-, Optima Grade, 1L, # H-303-1 CH0084 Solvent
Hydrogen Peroxide, 30% certified ACS; 500 ml bottle H325-500 CH0096 Paleontology
ICP Standard - Barium in HNO3, plasma grade(500ml), #PLBA2-2X CM0590 ICP
ICP Standard - Boron in H2O, plasma grade(500ml), #PLB9-2X CM0591 ICP
ICP Standard - Calcium in HNO3, plasma grade(100ml), #PLCA2-2Y CM0592 ICP
ICP standard, Aluminum in HNO3, plasma grade(100ml), #PLAL2-2Y CM0600 ICP
ICP standard, Chromium in HNO3, plasma grade(100ml), #PLCR2-2Y CM0593 ICP
ICP standard, Cobalt in HNO3, plasma grade(100ml), #PLCO2-2Y CM0594 ICP
ICP standard, Copper in HNO3, plasma grade(100ml), #PLCU2-2Y CM0595 ICP
ICP standard, Germanium in H2O, plasma grade(100ml), #PLGE9-2Y CM0599 ICP
ICP standard, Iron in HNO3, plasma grade(500ml), #PLFE2-2X CM5012 ICP
ICP standard, Lithium in HNO3, plasma grade(500ml), #PLLI2-2X CH0090 ICP
ICP standard, Magnesium in HNO3, plasma grade(500ml), #PLMG2-2X CH0089 ICP
ICP standard, Manganese in HNO3, plasma grade(500ml), #PLMN2-2X CM5014 ICP
ICP standard, Nickel in HNO3, plasma grade(100ml), #PLNI2-2Y CM0601 ICP
ICP standard, Niobium in H2O, plasma grade(100ml), #PLNB9-2Y CM0602 ICP
ICP standard, Phosphorus in H2O, plasma grade(100ml), #PLP9-2Y CM0603 ICP
ICP standard, Potassium in HNO3, plasma grade(100ml), #PLK2-2Y CM0604 ICP
ICP standard, Scandium in HNO3, plasma grade(100ml), #PLSC2-2Y CM0605 ICP
ICP standard, Silicon in H2O, plasma grade(100ml), #PLSI9-2Y CM0606 ICP
ICP standard, Sodium in HNO3, plasma grade(100ml), #PLNA2-2Y CM5008 ICP
ICP standard, Strontium in HNO3, plasma grade(500ml), #PLSR2-2X CM5015 ICP
ICP standard, Sulfur in H2O, plasma grade(100ml), #PLS9-2Y CM0607 ICP
ICP standard, Titanium in H2O, plasma grade(100ml), #PLTI9-2Y CM0596 ICP
ICP standard, Vanadium in HNO3, plasma grade(100ml), #PLV2-2Y CM0608 ICP
ICP standard, Yttrium in HNO3, plasma grade(500ml), #PLY2-2X CM0597 ICP
ICP standard, Zinc in HNO3, plasma grade(100ml), #PLZN2-2Y CM0609 ICP
ICP standard, Zirconium in HNO3, plasma grade(100ml), #PLZR2-2Y CM0610 ICP
Imidazole, C3H4N2, ACS, 100g, I2399-100G (Aldrich) CH0424 DA-Nitrate
Immersion Oil, Resolve; 16oz/bottle, 23-244-267 LS0090 Microscope
Iron(III) Chloride hexahydrate, ct ACS - 100 g, #I88-100 CH0409 Microbiology
Iso-Octane, HPLC grade, 1 L, F# O296SK-1 CH0397 Solvent
Kerosene, Odorless, non regulated, 4L, # LC-15850-4 CH0026 Thin Section
Lithium Tetraborate, Flux grade 4503-01 CH5017 ICP
Magnesium Chloride hexahydrate, ACS, 100g; # M9272-100G (Aldrich) - 500 g; Fisher M-33 CH0074 Magnesium
Magnesium Perchlorate, 100g, #338-219-00 CM0501 CHNS
Magnesium Sulfate - Crystal, 500 mg #M63-500 CH0143 Synthetic seawater
Mercury (II) Chloride - 50g, #M155I-50 CH0042 Sample preservation
Methanol, Optima grade 1L, #A454-1 CH0083 Solvent
Methanol, reagent grade - 1L Plastic, F# A412-1 CH5008 Solvent
Methylene Chloride, Optima grade, 1L bottle; D151-1, Burdick & Jackson, GC299-4 CH0184 Solvent
Microspheres, Fluoresbrite (YG) Carboxylated P/15700 10 ml CM0551 Microbiology
Mineral Spirits, odorless Shell SOL-71 (replaces Decane) CM5118 Thin Section
Mounting Medium, Hyrax- 1oz bottle; Custom Research & Devel. CH0008 Microscope
Mounting Medium, Norland Optical # 6101 - 1oz Bot. 12/Box HW0519 Microscope
Mounting Medium, Permount Histological - 100 ml#SP-15-100 CH0009 Microscope
Mounting Medium, Piccolyte LS0099 Microscope
N-(1-Naphtyl)-Ethylene Diamine Dihydrochloride - 25g, #222488-25G, 5 g CH0402 DA-Nitrate
Oxalic Acid dihydrate, ACS, 100g CH0169 DA - Silica
Peptone - 500g, (Bacto) #BP1420-100 CH0408 Microbiology
Perfluorotributylamine (PFTBA) Sample Kit CM0536 GC-MSD
Phenol, Liquid, certified, 500ml, A9311-500 CH0140 DA-Ammonia
p-Methylaminophenol Sulphate (Metol), 100g, #320013-100G CH0027 DA-Silica
Potassium Antimony Tartrate Trihydrate- 250g, #A867-250 CH0190 DA-Phosphate
Potassium Chloride, ACS, 500G, #P3911-500G (Aldrich) - 500 gm/bottle #P-217-500 CH0057 ALK
Potassium Chromate, ACS, 100g, #216615-100G CH0059 Chloride
Potassium Dichromate, ACS, 100g, #207802-100G CH0174 Chloride
Potassium Hydrogen Phathalate, pH std CH0423 TOC
Potassium Iodide,free-flowing granular;500 gm/bottle #P-412 CH0065 Coulometer, Iodide, Bromide
Potassium Nitrate - 100g, #P-263-100 CH0071 DA-Nitrate
Potassium Phosphate Monobasic - 25g, # P0662-25G CH0196 DA-Phosphate
Propanol, 2-, Isopropyl Alcohol, 4L, #A426S-4 CH0086 Solvent
Pyruvic Acid sodium salt (sodium pyruvate),100g, #BP356-100 CH0411 Microbiology
Seawater Standard, IAPSO - 250mL, PN 125WB100 CH5012 Standard
Silica Gel, 12-28 Mesh, Grade 408, 2 1/2 Kg, #S156-212 CH0078 Desiccators
Silica Gel, 6-12 Mesh, Grade 40, 2 1/2kg, #S684-212 CH0017 Desiccators
Silica, fine granular, 40-100 Mesh, 10kg, #S151-10 XR0010 Desiccators
Silver Nitrate, 25g, #S-181-25 CH0052 Chloride, Coulometer
Sodium Acetate, 50g, #43143-5 CH0073 Iodide By request only, do not stock
Sodium Azide, ReagentPlus, >=99.5%, 25gm, #S2002-25G CH0427 Iodide By request only, do not stock
Sodium Bicarbonate - 500g, #S-233-500 CH0034 ALK, General
Sodium Bromide, ReagentPlus, >=99%, 25g, 220345-25G (Aldrich) CH0426 Bromide By request only, do not stock
Sodium Carbonate, Anhyd. Granular; 500 gm #S263-500 CH0118 ALK, General
Sodium Chloride, crystals, 500 gm/bottle #S-271 CH0179 Iodide, synthetic seawater, General
Sodium Chloride, high purity, 99.999%, 20g, #204439-20G Ch0419 ICP
Sodium Citrate Tribasic Dihydrate 500g, # S4641-500G CH0165 Ammonia
Sodium Dihydrogen phosphate monohydrate, 25 g CH0403 Bromide By request only, do not stock
Sodium Hexafluorosilicate, 25g, #250171-25G CH0170 DA-silica
Sodium Hydroxide, pellets, 100 gm/bottle #S-318-100 CH0011 Calcium, Bromide, Ammonia
Sodium Nitrite - 100g, #237213-100G Ch0185 DA-Nitrite
Sodium Nitroprusside CR ACS - 100g, #S-350-100 CH0166 DA-Ammonia
Sodium Phosphate monobasic monohydrate, ACS, 250g, #S9638-250G CH0412 Microbiology
Sodium Succinate hexahydrate. 100g, #S2378-100G CH0413 Microbiology
Sodium Sulfide nona-hydrate, 50g #431648-50G CH0422 Microbiology
Sodium Sulfite, SigmaUltra, 100g #S4672-100G CH0168 DA-Silica
Sodium tetraborate, Borax, ACS, 500g #S9640-500G (Aldrich) CH0144 Calcium, Alk
Sodium Thiosulfate (anhydrous) - 500 gm; Fisher S-446 CH0198 Bromide By request only, do not stock
Stain, Alizarin Red S - 25g, #11,996-2 CH0099 Paleontology
Stain, Malachite green; Fisher #M290-25 25 g/bot. CH0029 Paleontology
Stain, Methylene Blue - 25g, #M-291-25 CH0101 Paleontology
Stain, Phenol Red - 10mL, #P391-10 CH0197 Paleontology
Stain, Rose Bengal, 25g, #R323-25 LS0234 Paleontology
Stain, Safranin O, 25g, # S670-25 CH0032 Paleontology
Stain, Thiazol Yellow G (Titan), 50g, 202045-50g (Aldrich) CH0151 Paleontology
Standard, Ottowa Sand, 3kg, S23-3 CM0598 Standard
Starch Soluble, powder - 100g, #S516-100 CH0415 Microbiology
Sulfamic acid, 100 g CH0404 Iodide By request only, do not stock
Sulfanilamide - 100g, #S9251-100G CH5015 DA-Nitrate
Tracer, (PFT) Perfluoro Methylcyclohexane - 1Kg, P/N 3295 CH0400 Microbiology
Trimethylamine, 25-27%, 500ml, Aldrich#426474 CH0418 Microbiology
Tungstic Anhydride, 25g, #338.246.00 CM5035 CHNS
Vanadium Pentoxide, 5g, #021027 CM5039 CHNS
Vaseline Petroleum Jelly; 1 lb size HW0264 General
Wax, Paraffin LS0360 Curatorial
Yeast Extract - 100g, #BP1422-100 CH0414 Microbiology
Zinc acetate dihydrate, 250g CH0420 Sample preservation
Zinc Bromide, for paleo to float bugs/minerl, # Z27-500 CH5007 Paleontology

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